Sacred Binding & Clip on cover binding



Tomorrow’s Past: Modern conservation bindings with Kathy Abbott

Tuesday 22 October – Thursday 24 October – 3 Days

Course Cost: $375

“Surely it is better to create tomorrow’s past than to repeat today’s” Edgar Mansfield (1907-1996)

The starting point for this three-day course will be to look at the work of Tomorrow’s Past* and the innovative book structures that have been created by this group.

You will learn two structures devised by Kathy Abbott. You will first learn how to make a ‘Clip-on-cover Binding’ on a blank book.  This paper-covered conservation binding is fully reversible, opens completely flat and is perfect for making at home with limited tools or equipment.  The cover literally clips on to a primary wrapper, so if it gets dirty or damaged, you can simply replace it with no intervention to the text-block.

The second structure you will learn is the ‘Sacred Binding’.  This structure is very flexible; allowing the boards to open right back on themselves and is perfect for when you have a book that does not need re-sewing, but the boards are detached and the spine lost or beyond repair.  You will sew a blank book with an unsupported link stitch, then round the spine and attach the boards with linen.  You will finish the spine with a decorative ‘hollow’.

Variations in the basic technique and materials can be used – the possibilities are endless!

*Tomorrow’s Past is the collective name for an international group of bookbinders that make modern conservation bindings for antiquarian books.

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Material fee to be advised. Payable to the tutor in cash on the day

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