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Board attachment by Nicky Oliver and Karen Vidler sets out the sequence of operations within the bookbinding process that securely attaches the protective covers or boards to the front and back of the text block.

The sewing style chosen to consolidate the text block into a single unit will determine which board attachment styles can be used for the final bookbinding.

This booklet details the board attachment procedures for three specific binding styles; cased-in, library style and laced-on board binding. The working procedures and tips and tricks for each style can be used as guides for those pursuing the Society of Bookbinders’ Certificate of Competence.

The following techniques are intended for readers who have bound at least one of the three styles covered in this pamphlet or experienced bookbinders who would like a reminder. The working procedures here are just one way of executing the attachment style as most bookbinders have slightly different techniques, materials and adhesives they prefer to use.


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