Recent bookbinding publication – Board Attachment by Nicky Oliver and Karen Vidler

Recent bookbinding publication

Board Attachment by Nicky Oliver and Karen Vidler

Published by the Society of Bookbinders, 2019

Bookbinders Nicky Oliver and Karen Vidler decided to write the Board Attachment pamphlet after conversations with Bookbinding teacher Maureen Duke and the many students they have taught over the last 10 years. All agreed there is a need for short, easy to follow bookbinding manuals as unrefereed YouTube videos are not meeting the need in providing guidance to learning bookbinding techniques to a high standard.  The authors were seeking to meet this need by writing this manual of some foundation skills in hand bookbinding that they would loved to have read during their early bookbinding education and training. Continue Reading

Paper Repairs

Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time since I last posted here. You all know the reasons, fires, pandemic, life. I thought I would have a chat about paper repairs and the things you need to repair tears in your books.Continue Reading

The Festival of the Book

Well the Australian Bookbinding Conference, Bind 19 is over and was a great success. The NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders did a fantastic job organising the conference. The venue was beautiful, right on the water and even the food was great. The speakers/presenters were all wonderful and all of us in the trade room had a fabulous time. The courses which we held both before and after the conference went very well too and the feedback was excellent!Continue Reading

Bind 19

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. We are getting really excited about the Bind 19 Conference and all the amazing classes associated with that. If you don’t already have your tickets click on the link above and grab them now! You won’t regret it.Continue Reading

New Products

Well it has been a busy month and I have been a bit slow with the blog update. I am pleased to announce a few new items in store. We are now stocking Elephant paper, Efalin paper (coming in the next week or two), large handled awls, some new book cloths, cane toad skins and bank note paper.Continue Reading

Scharf-Fix Paring Machine

Using the Scharf-fix Paring Machine

Some of our customers have been asking about the Schärffix leather paring machine. How do you use it? Is it any good? Is it easy to use? Do you have a video of how to use it? So after quite a bit of persuading I have finally agreed to make a short video, you can watch it here.

Continue Reading

Dieter Räder – In Focus

In Focus this week we ask Dieter Räder a few questions about his career. Dieter will be presenting at the Bind19 Conference in Sydney this October. Before the conference Dieter will be teaching in Canberra and in Sydney after the conference, click on the links to reserve your place but be quick as there are only a few spots left. In Sydney Dieter will be teaching the Edelpappband binding which is a very precise German binding using very small amounts of leather and is a terrific introduction to working with leather. Dieter is a charming teacher and an excellent binder with enormous attention to detail so this class should be brilliant! In Canberra Dieter will be teaching the Leather entry Slip Case and if you combine that with Philippa’s Chemise you will be equipped to house your best binding in the most elegant and protective fashion. I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about Dieter in the following paragraphs. Continue Reading