Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray



Bookkeeper deacidification spray preserves and protects all forms of paper based materials. It deposits a safe, non-toxic alkaline buffer into the structure of the paper. This buffer material neutralizes acids that can rapidly weaken the paper and cause it to become brittle.

Upon coming into contact with paper, the alkaline particles attach and blend with the paper structure, and the inert liquid simply evaporates. Because the formula contains no water, the liquid does not cause the paper fibers to swell or make the paper “wet,” and it will not cockle or stiffen from the application.

Suitable for all paper-based materials, including bound and unbound documents, printed and handwritten materials, newsprint, books, letters and envelopes, postage stamps and paper collectibles, pamphlets, and flat stock such as maps and prints. The process uses no solvents and will not move, feather, loosen, or harm inks, adhesives, covers, leather, plastic, metals or fabrics.

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150g, 900g